Monday, March 13, 2017

Milline on hea kool, kus on hea õppida?

13.-17. märtsil saavad Väärtuste projekti partnerkoolid taas kokku. Sedapuhku kogunetakse Itaalias, SitsiiliasPalermo lähedal asuvas väikelinnas Carinis. Meie koolist sõidavad kokkusaamisele 3 algklasside õpetajat ja projektijuht.

Veebruarikuus mõtisklesid partnerkoolide õpilased teemal, milline on hea kool ja õpikeskkond, kuidas muuta kool paremaks. Mõeldi ka selle üle, mida igaüks saab ise teha, et oleks parem õppida.

6.b ja 7.a klasside õpilased vormistasid oma sõnumi videoformaadis. Aitäh juhendajale, inglise keele õpetaja Kaile.

6.b video (Autor: Hugo Arrak)

7.a video (Operaator: Mari Masing, töötlus Marta Raidla)

Ka kooli Õpilasesindus arutles koosolekul selle teema üle. Ühised mõtted vormistati kirjalikult. Eestikeelse teksti autorid Richard Raudla ja Emilia Valgiste. Ingliskeelse versiooni autor Marko Laanemets.


Written by Student Council of Kuusalu High School
12th of March 2017

Good and motivating environment for learning

Learning environment is the most important for proper education and studying. If the environment is calm and motivating learning subjects are easier and more effective. But how to prevent students from dropping out of school and how to help the dropouts? Also how to make the school a better place?

Dropping out or leaving school is a common phenomenon nowadays. There are many students who realize during high school that they have made a wrong decision. What is more, there are also those who use high school as an extension of childhood. These are the ignorant young people who are bored in class and reduce other student’s motivation, therefore learning isn’t productive. What can be done to help these kind of students?

Besides, is there anything that can be done by the community? Before finishing comprehensive school students should be given a wider overview of high school first to reduce the number of students wasting their time at school. It is necessary to counsel students personally, also assist them by introducing different opportunities for studying.

Student-friendly environment not only makes going to school more enjoyable but also raises the wish to learn. This means that the teacher uses appropriate teaching methods, if necessary makes consultations and brings out the vital significance in learnt knowledge, not to mention creates businesslike environment. Students can’t be forced to learn, instead they must be encouraged.

Likewise, the pupil has a big role in creating a student- friendly environment. They could know how to motivate themselves, how to be productive in the lesson and should let the fellow students be focused. It is important to avoid laughing over fellow students if they are a bit slower.

Knowledge acquisition is easier through exciting discussions, games and interaction. If the student knows that the lesson aren’t only about long assignments and an essay test, instead the lessons are both discussion and practical activities then learning is more effective and students are more motivated to gain new knowledge. Moreover, educational tours such as museums, research institutions and visits to companies that introduce potential career choices help a lot.

The students and teachers have the important role of creating a pleasant atmosphere for learning. The happiness and enjoyment of going to school depends on ourselves.


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